About us

Re-habilitation is developed and promoted by Mr. N.M. George with some Nobel causes to help needy people in society. Mr. N.M. George is a member of the International Physiotherapy Society.

After completing his Physiotherapy education in 1980, received Physiotherapy License in Norway, 1983. Ever since he has worked as a Physiotherapist in prestigious Hospitals and Health Clubs.

Presently Mr. George is working with different organizations in Europe and Asia. Mr. George has also participated in various workshops, symposium and conferences in different countries. Mr. George has special experience and expertise in setting up health clubs and arranges Medical Tourism.

Honorary consultant in home health services Ajman (UAE)


Received Master of Arts in Health care administration & Management (U.K)  2002
Completed 3 Year Physiotherapy education from New Delhi- Passed in  1980
(Licence  Physiotherapist  in Norway,1983)Naturopathy from New Delhi  1988/91
P.N.F.Course in 0slo   1981
Melchizedek Method , Norway 1986
Acupuncture in Southampton, UK  1986
Cyriax Tech.(A) in Durham, UK 1987
Cyriax Tech.(B) Norway  1987
Vega Test method, Norway  1988
The Science & Art of Physiotherapy(Hong Kong) 1993
Aids Society of Asia & the Pacific ( 2 Times) 1992
Degenerative  Rygg (Back)  , Norway 2003
Ammerudhjemmet in 0slo Basic Physical Therapist  1981/83
(Geriartic Nursing Home)    
Venneslaheimen (Geriartic Home)   Senior Physical Therapist 1983/85
Herøy Community (Norway)  Community  Physical therapist  1985/89
Nesna Community (Norway) Community  Physical Therapist 1992/93
Herøy Community (Norway) Community  Physical Therapist  1994/95
Therapy Plus iColorado(USA) Physical Therapist 1995
Mah.Agg.HospitalDelhi, India  Senior Physical Therapist 1995/97
Hotel  BRISTOL,India HEALTH Club MANAGER  1997
Valnesfjord  Community  (Norway)  Private Physical Therapist 1999/2000
Nesbyen community (Norway)   Private Physical Therapist 2001/2006